Update on the Avon Gorge peregrines

Just a quick update on the peregrine family I talked about a few weeks ago – all five chicks have now fledged and are out and about in the Avon Gorge, just on the edge of Bristol. I popped along to the Bristol Ornithological Club’s Peregrine Watch yesterday afternoon to try and spot them. At least two of the birds were flying around in the gorge, with two or three of the youngsters perched on a rock face on the opposite side of the river – surprisingly hard to spot, as the picture below shows! There are at least two if not three peregrines in this photo. If you can spot any of them you probably deserve a prize…

Young peregrines in the Avon Gorge

It was great to see these magnificent birds in flight – they were being quite noisy too, and it was also great to overhear the comments from interested members of the public who were clearly enjoying the spectacle. Really such a privelege to have not one but SEVEN peregrine falcons in this beautiful part of the city. And amazing to think that just a few weeks ago they were just bundles of fluff! (See my previous post – Peregrine ringing in the Avon Gorge.)

Peregrine's-eye view of the Avon Gorge
A peregrine's-eye view of the Avon Gorge, Bristol

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