Garden Bioblitz – just a few days to go!

Garden Bioblitz logo

At the end of my last post I mentioned that some friends and I were setting up a “Garden Bioblitz” event, to encourage others to have a look at what’s living in their gardens.

Well, it’s happening this weekend! This year, the event is a small-scale trial to test how it will all work in practice, and to look at the best ways we can engage people with the wildlife in their gardens and make it easy for them to perform their own “Bioblitz”.

Honey bee on buddleia Crab spider with prey

Participants will be surveying the animals, plants and fungi in their gardens for up to 24 hours over the 21st to 22nd July – and if all goes well, we hope to roll the event out nationwide next year.

The idea for the event came off the back of the Urban Bioblitz I blogged about last year, which turned into a conversation with other wildlife enthusiasts on Twitter… and somehow turned into this event!

Hoverfly White-lipped banded snail

I’d like to thank everyone involved for turning a casual Twitter conversation into what will hopefully be a successful event. Good luck to everyone taking part this year – we’d love to hear your stories, see your photos and find out about the species you see!

If you’re not taking part, you can still follow the event on Twitter @GardenBioblitz (or using the hashtag #gbb12), view our Flickr group at, or email us at

You can also find all the details on our website at

Watch this space for more on how it all goes!

4 thoughts on “Garden Bioblitz – just a few days to go!

  1. Hi Liz, I hope it all goes well. Looks like the weather will be quite good if this evening’s forecast is anything to go by. It cant be much worse than it has been. I tend to bioblitz all the time in the garden. Keeps my hand in. Just passed the sixty mark this year for moths alone.

      1. I would expect the moth count to go over a hundred. There are many common things I have not recorded yet. It just shows what you can do with a bit of consistant recording effort even in a very urban garden in the middle of a housing estate. Bet the other local people have no idea how wild their back gardens are.

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